Stress and anxiety caused by separation from a beloved owner are handled much better​ if the pet can stay in the place known ​to him/her-favourably, the pet's home.
​Why not give the sense of comfort and security to your pet without dragging him/her to a kennel or pet hotel, which is an alien and strange place?
Our in-home services can reduce stress and  the risk of contracting kennel cough or other      airborne diseases.​

We offer pet sitting for long and short periods of time.

While you are away your pet will receive maximum possible care and attention without being exposed to additional stress of changing "homes". 

Price varies from 100 to 700 NOK per day.

​​ Depending on your pet's individual  needs, and the amount of time we spend with your pet, prices may vary. We will make the outmost effort to ensure the best treatment possible while you are away. If you wish we can meet and discuss the expectations of you and your animal.

Animal Taxi 
Our new service is created for those who need help with vet or groomer visits. We come to your house, pick up your dear animal, deliver him/her to the vet or groomer and safely transport him/her to your house after the visit. We can also stay during the vet or groomer visit and handle all necessary work, reporting back to you after the visit.
This service saves a lot of stress and can help you save time and eliminate the need to ​change your busy work schedule if the appointment is during your working hours. This is also a very good service to people who are simply unable to do it themselves no matter the cause. Price for this service: 10 NOK per kilometre of distance from your house to the destination and back, plus 300 nok each hour spent with your pet at the vet or groomer. 

​​​​​​​​Please contact us for more details:

​​​​​​Emilia Bogna Zimnak​
   mobil: 94717363

​According to the American Humane Society, pets are happiest when at home, surrounded by familiar smells, sounds and sights.