​Dog walking is a good solution for people too busy to do it themselves. No matter the reasons: overtime at work, a hectic schedule, when you simply crave a small break, or the need for more valuable parenting time - whatever it is you need to find time for-without doing so at the dog's expense.

Our offer and prices excluding VAT (mva.):

* Dog walking - 220 NOK per walk 1 dog (30-60 minutes)
​                            70 NOK extra if you have 2 dogs

Dog walking Packages:

* option 1 - dog walking - 7 days/one week (one walk per day) - 1440 NOK
* option 2 - dog walking 30 days/one full month (one walk every day) - 6150 NOK
* monthly package - dog walking all week days (excluding weekend and holidays) - one walk every week day - 4200 NOK
* Executive dog walking- beside a good walk (30-60 min.) for your dog, this service includes a 15 minute Reiki session for your dog after the walk - to provide him/her with more joy, happiness and well-being.
After a healthy walk we can wash or brush your dog so you don't have to worry about the sand and mud in your apartment.


* I - walk with Reiki and washing or brushing - 590 NOK
* II - walk with washing or brushing without Reiki - 490NOK
* III - walk with Reiki without washing or brushing-350NOK

Executive Dog Walking Packages:

* I x 10 (10 executive walks option * I) - 5490 NOK
* II x 10 (10 executive walks option * II) - 4790 NOK
* III x 10 (10 executive walks option * III) - 3470 NOK

​* Puppy walks special offer with commands training

This offer is for 3-12 month old dogs. Apart from a good walk, the dog also receives basic commands training. Basic commands are: "sit", "lay down", "up", "wait", 'come' and few more depending on the dog's natural abilities and wishes of the owner. Basic commands are expressed verbally and with hand signals. The final aim is to give the dog an obedience training so that he/ she starts responding to basic (and non basic if desired) commands as soon as possible. The dog walking and training take place on an individual basis - a standard offer is a one-hour-walk on every week day. 
* Puppy walks special offer with commands training monthly rate  6600 NOK


FRESH COOKING - Feed your beloved dog with a good, natural and tasty food. We cook healthy fresh, well-balanced food for your dog and deliver to your house. 

​Fresh Cooking​ prices:
6 servings (can be stored in the fridge) - 300 nok + cost of ingrediends we will agree upon
12 servings - 600 nok + cost of ingredients
delivery: 0 nok in Stavanger​​ Center, Bjergsted, Våland, Storhaug, Stokka, Madla, Tasta,
​150 nok other parts of Stavanger
Other charges:
5 NOK per kilometre for distance between your house and petsitter's house (charge limited to 25 km, all exceeding - within the reasonable radius-without additional cost );
30 NOK each way for key pick-up/drop-off (distance and toll costs to be included if necessary).
mobile: 94717363​
mail: emiliacare@gmail.com​​